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Enjoy $15 Worth of Delicious Ice Cream from the NEW Mariposa Ice Cream in MURRIETA for ONLY $7.50!
The Original Mariposa Ice Cream is in San Diego and has been open for 16 years and now we’re lucky enough to have this new Murrieta location!

Mariposa’s Ice Cream is all Homemade, Natural, with no eggs. Compared to most Commercial Ice Creams, Mariposa’s Ice Cream has 1/3 less sugar and half the air! They also never add any Artificial Colors or Preservatives.

You’ll be in absolute heaven once you try the Banana Walnut Heaven Sundae! It has Banana Walnut Ice Cream on a bed of Walnuts and diced Bananas, topped with Hot Fudge, Caramel, Whipped Cream, Nuts, and a Cherry!

Or try one of their many Amazing Shakes, Malts, Floats, Smoothies and More!
Rated 5 Stars on Yelp!

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