All About Mad Deals V2!

Mad Deals V2 is here and this post is all about what is new, what is improved and what is to come with Mad Deals!


A Stylistic Overhaul

First and foremost you will notice that the site has been cleaned up from top to bottom. Think of it as a fresh coat of paint. Although most of the core functionality and the look remains similar, everything is crisp, clean, perfectly spaced, easy to use and coded properly so load times will be much faster!

We’ve restyled many of our interior pages including the How it Works page, the Refer a Friend page, our Events page and our blog. Additionally our Deal and Coupon pages received some extra care!

We’ve also created a new Frequently Asked Questions section that we will continue to populate over time. If there are any questions you have or things you think would be beneficial to our members, please Contact Us and let us know so we can add things to this page to make your experience even better!


The Account Page Experience

We have a completely re-vamped account page that makes it easier for users to keep their coupons, deals and account information in order! Click on the thumbnail to the left or visit your account page (if logged in) to check it out.

The first thing you will notice is the cleaner look. We have a simple to navigate, easy-on-the-eyes focus. You can easily change your password and edit your account information with the ‘edit’ link next to the account settings header.

The main difference, and biggest improvement we’ve created is our deal/coupon filtering system. All of your purchases and downloads are now color coded (yellow deals and blue coupons) so you can visually see how many of each you have quickly. We have also integrated buttons that allow you view only your deals or only your coupons. So, if you have a LOT of coupons, but only a few deals, and you only want to see your deals simply click on the ‘View Deals Only’ button and your coupons will be filtered out.

We also suggest that you keep up-to-date with which vouchers you have already used with the ‘Mark as Used’ option. Once you click that the voucher will be marked redeemed and you can then use the ‘Hide Used Vouchers’ link to hide all vouchers that have already been redeemed.

This new account overview page allows you to quickly and easily get to the voucher or coupon you need in the blink of an eye!


Sprucing Up Deals & Coupons

We also put a lot of working into improving your experience when browsing our deals and coupons. We have integrated a very simple-to-use Deal and Coupon Sorter. Instead of viewing all the deals or coupons we have available you can narrow down your search by clicking on the different categories. This will instantaneously sort the deals/coupons to show only that category! Click the thumbnails below or visit our deal or coupon page to check out the changes.

The individual deal and coupon pages also received some work. We created an elegant ‘tabbed’ view for the coupon/deal details, fine print and location information. We added some default fine print and clearly labeled expiration dates and improved our sharing functionality so you can earn Mad Money easier with our Refer a Friend program.


Clarification on Checkout Pages

To make things even simpler for downloading coupons and purchasing deals we have cleaned up our cart and checkout pages and included detailed descriptions of what to do on each page. You will notice there is a red box with instruction on the cart, checkout and confirmation pages that walk you through the checkout process to make it as seamless as possible!

These instructions are specific to the page you are currently on and will help guide you through our simple checkout process. Note: even if you are simply downloading a coupon you still need to go through the checkout process so the coupon properly attachs to your account. You will not be charged and will not need to enter a credit card to download coupons.


So, What’s Coming Next with Mad Deals V2?

With all the changes we’ve currently made we are very happy and think you will be too; but we aren’t done yet! We’ve got big plans for Mad Deals V2! In the upcoming months we will be integrating a great way to earn extra money for charities, non-profits, local schools and businesses with our Affiliate Program and our Charity/School/Non-Profit Programs! Additionally, we will be offering amazing new advertising packages to encompass our coupon book with 20,000 distribution that is direct mailed to more affluent home owners, daily Deals, Online coupons, Emails, Facebook Marketing to over 3600 fans and much more! Of course, we’ll be continuing to pump out new and exciting deals and coupons each month!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!

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