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Want to gain customers and keep them coming back? Then sign up with Mad Deals, where we will promote your business with great money-saving offers. And unlike national deal websites, we’re local to Murrieta, Temecula and Wildomar, which means that you get friendly, personable service while supporting a local company that will support you.

Customers are always looking for great new businesses to try — and that includes yours. Whether you have a restaurant or a cleaning service, a comedy club or a veterinary hospital, or anything in between, we can put you in touch with people who need your services. We email customers every time a new deal is available, so they will see your offer right away.

And you can create any deal that you’d like. The deals are usually 40% to 100% off depending on your business goals and how aggressive you would like your marketing to be.

In addition to our high end coupon book and directory guide we use email, Daily Deals, Online Coupons, Web and Facebook marketing. Customers can view your deals in our book, website and Facebook page ( and

We also own, which can provide your business with full-service printing and signs.

Our companies are all about promoting and supporting the local community, and that includes schools, charities, nonprofits and local cities.

The bottom line is that Mad Deals offers daily deals and online coupons for such businesses as Mulligan Family Fun, Aces Comedy, Brunswick Bowling, Aerosports, Anthony’s, D’Canters, Submarina, Tresinos, Pizza Factoyr, Simply Kneaded & Much More.

So put us to work for you! For more information, please contact us.

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